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    Path Follower: Arduino+Rasp on ROS February 22nd 2018

    We've created a path follower and maze solver robot car with, arduino, raspberry, ROS, Vrep and a bunch of other stuff

    Developing a Tumblr Theme, some advices April 23rd 2017

    How should you develop a tumblr theme today? Look at this one developed by me and crafted by html5up and you'll see

    StreamKey, stream your keyboard December 2nd 2016

    StreamKey is my new app to stream your keyboard toward another PC

    How we built our university's bot March 10th 2016

    Sharing this little story of how I and @diegomariani created a Telegram bot for our university

    jekyll (ruby) vs hexo (node) January 3rd 2016

    From now on Hexo, the static site generator, will be powering this blog

    ilcorsaronero-api: get italian torrents December 20th 2015

    Node.js module to search and get italian torrents on